About ProcessEquipment.Directory

About ProcessEquipment.Directory

About ProcessEquipment.DirectoryI want to make my business experiences available to the global business community via various industrial website venues that I operate so that the international business community will also be able to expand internationally effectively and efficiently. I assist companies in the recruitment of national and international sales agents, distributors, and the establishment of a direct sales engineering capability. Via my web venues, I obtain many international contacts that I make available to the community. Especially now, in this COVID 19 crisis period, it is important for companies to secure their international export markets, but also to create ever greater independence from unfair international forms of competition. Below is a representation of my career. You can always approach me directly through one of my website venues or using this contact form. I look forward to working with you.

  • Sales Engineer - Industrial process equipment, control valves, heat exchangers. Clients within the process & energy industries.
  • Sales Manager Europe - process equipment, distillation, adsorption, process plant, environmental control processes, and equipment. Clients: Chemical, petrochemical, engineering, and environmental industries. Responsible for the start-up and management of a European sales office, sales, and marketing for a US-British organization.
  • General Manager, Managing Director Europe - Design, manufacture, sales, and marketing of process valves, instrumentation. Clients: Process & energy industries. Responsible for the management of a European manufacturing center, design, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of process control valves, instrumentation for a US multinational organization. European sales offices, European-wide agent network.
  • Group Managing Director - Overall and consolidated responsibility for 13 international companies with global locations. Multiple manufacturing locations, global sales offices. Design, manufacture, sales and marketing process valves, process equipment, process, and industrial pumps, process instrumentation, etc.

The company consisted of 350 employees, 3 production-manufacturing units of which 2 in Germany and 1 in the Netherlands, 12 worldwide company-owned marketing locations including China (Beijing, Hong Kong), Japan (Kobe), and the USA (Chicago) and sales agents/distributors worldwide.

I was Group Director of, and fully responsible for, this organization and reported directly to the US owner and a trust. When the owner died, the heirs and trust offered me the opportunity to buy the entire organization. The purchase price was 50 million. At that time, apart from an excellent income, I had virtually no capital of my own, only a house with a mortgage and a sailing boat in cooperation with the bank. I managed to obtain the required capital, the 50 million, to buy the company, in cooperation with institutional investors, pension funds, banks, private persons, etc. As management, we also were able to obtain the controlling majority of 51% of the shares of the company. This is very unusual when you only contribute a small part of the invested capital. During the buying process of the group, I was approached by an international conglomerate that also learned that the group was for sale and asked me and the trust if I was prepared to sell a particular part of the group to them. The trust and heirs refused this and were only prepared to sell the entire organization as a whole. The conglomerate accepted this and my position as the first candidate to be allowed to buy the entire company but requested if I was willing to sell the group to them after I had purchased the organization. I made an agreement to that respect with the conglomerate.

I bought the group for 50 million and sold it to the conglomerate for 150 million a few years later. For investors and participants in our company, this meant a factor 30 in returns on the initial investment. This transaction also had a positive, yet modest, return for management, as we, as management, had distributed a large portion of our 51% stake to our employees…

As an owner of my company, I also acquired several companies, such as in The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, to expand my company. Those acquisitions were very successful and the companies still exist. I was 43 when I sold my business. It was then one of the first and largest MBO's in Germany.

General Manager - Managing Director - Turnaround manager of a European producer of industrial filters and filter systems. Design, development, production of industrial filters, and filter systems. Establishment, set-up of an entirely new sales and marketing organization and network Europe-wide, including company-owned sales offices, recruitment of sales engineers, distributors, and independent sales agents. Improving manufacturing and sourcing processes with product development completely redesigned.