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Constructed for excellence. Sitrans 330 Corolis Flow Meters

Constructed for excellence. Sitrans 330 Corolis Flow Meters

Featured Product from Siemens Process Instrumentation

Building on a strong tradition of innovative thinking, Siemens has designed the next generation of Coriolis flow meters for excellence in performance, safety, and user-friendliness:  the SITRANS FC330.  The digitally-based SITRANS FC330 is suitable for all applications within the process industry and offers the market's most compact sensor, groundbreaking support tools and the first SIL 3 certification on a Coriolis system.

Because the SITRANS FC330 is manufactured in one of the world’s most sophisticated and highly automated Coriolis factories, Siemens is able to provide very competitiive lead times for custom-tailored solutions with world-class accuracy and reliability.

In selecting Siemens as your flow technology partner, you have around-the clock access to our worldwide service network and the capability for full system integration with market-leading Totally Integrated Automation solutions.


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