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Use the below form to quickly and effectively place your inquiries potentially with 250,000 listed process industry, equipment, trade, commerce suppliers and providers. Choose to send your inquiry to one or hundreds of listed members with one push of the button. Be as precise and specific as possible with your inquiry details. There are 2 types of leads: Direct and Indirect. Direct leads are the ones sent from Business Profile and Bidders List pages of specific members. Indirect leads (example) are the ones sent from any other page (example) (Not to a specific member).


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The Advantages of Purchasing Through Manufacturers.Directory

  • Manufacturers.Directory bidders list members are all qualified professionals providing quality products and services. Using the above Matchmaker Inquiry Form, you can be assured to be connected with the most suitable suppliers for your project. You can send your inquiry to one supplier or to every or all suitable suppliers that match your search criteria. 
  • A reduction in purchasing costs, for example of 5%, produces an increase in profits of more than 2%. To obtain the same result, sales would need to increase by more than 20%. This means that the savings generated by the centralization of purchasing through a network of businesses will increase profits in each individual network company without having to increase sales!
  • The Manufacturers.Directory Leads System with close to 250,000 process equipment related listed companies on this website and close to 190,000 backlinks, and another 150,000 offline listed companies of suppliers, services providers, and buyers will provide you with quality quotations.