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Our products have found various applications in different industrial requirements including - Oil & Gas Chemical Petrochemical Power Plant Pulp & Paper Environmental & Water Projects and Engineering Projects. Our product range includes Elbows Tees & Cross

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  • Rajendra Industrial Corporation is a manufacturer & exporter of Pipe Fittings and Butt Weld & Socket Weld fittings in stainless steel & carbon steel. We are an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified company. We also offer Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes & Tubes Stainless Steel Buttweld Pipe Fittings Stainless Steel Socket Weld Fittings Flanges and Carbon Steel Pipes. Our products have found various applications in different industrial requirements including - Oil & Gas Chemical Petrochemical Power Plant Pulp & Paper Environmental & Water Projects and Engineering Projects. Our product range includes Elbows Tees & Crosses Reducers Caps & Stub Ends Couplings Weldolets Socklets Nippolets Thredolets Socket Weld Threaded Fittings Steel Pipe Fittings Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings and Forged Pipe Fittings.
    Butt Weld Fittings
    A pipe fitting is defined as a part used in piping system to change direction or function which is mechanically joined to the system. Probably the simplest way to achieve this end would be to bend the pipe in the direction required but this process will stretch and thin the outer wall whilst thickening and wrinkling the inner wall. This results in flow resistance and accelerated wall erosion. A second method sometimes used is a mitred joint. Where pipe are cut to the correct angle and welded together to achieve the desired change. Whist the cross-section area and wall thickness are maintained a great deal of efficiency is lost due to friction and turbulence resulting from the severe changes is direction; for example a single-mitred bend offers about six times the resistance of a swept elbow. Swept fittings are preferred on most piping systems particularly where internal pressure flow and corrosion are major considerations. Seamless butt welding fittings are produced from seamless tube and pipe by either a hot or cold forming process. Seamless butt welding fittings are available in standard sizes as published in the relevant product tables and in non-standard sizes. Seam-welded butt welding fittings are produced from hot rolled annealed and pickled sheet or plate formed into half shells or segments and longitudinally seam-welded.
    High Pressure Fittings
    High pressure Forged Fittings & thread fittings offer the capability to reach extreme high pressures (up to 60000 PSI). Cone and thread fittings are available in medium pressure design high pressure design and a sour gas option to meet the flow system requirements. Complete range of elbows tees and crosses are available for all connection sizes.
    Welding Outlets
    Welding Outlets are manufactured from high grade corrosion resistant metal alloy. These outlet fittings are used in pipe fitting applications of socket weld and screwed connection types. We supply these outlet fittings according to the drawings and samples of the clients. These are suitable for variety of heavy duty applications in various industries. The dimensions and tolerances are suitable for welding to seamless and seam-welded pipes.
    Socket Weld FlangesSocket Weld Flanges are similar to a slip-on flange in outline but the bore is counter-bored to accept pipe. The diameter of the remaining bore is the same as the inside diameter of the pipe. The flange is attached to the pipe by a fillet weld around the hub of the flange. An optional interval weld may be applied in high stress applications.
    Lap Joint FlangesLap Joint Flanges are similar to a slip-on flange but these flanges have a radius at the intersection of the bore and the flange face to accommodate a lap stub end. The face on the stub end forms the gasket face on the flange. This type of flange is used in applications where section of piping systems need to be dismantle quickly and easily for inspection or replacement.
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