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Our range includes: Magnetic Inductive Flow meters (Electromagnetic flowmeters), Variable Area Flow meters (Rotameters), Vortex Flow meters, Coriolis Mass Flow meters, Ultrasonic Flow meters, Custody Transfer Metering Skids & Systems, Non-contact Radar Le

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  • Krohne Marshall Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture company of Forbes Marshall India and KROHNEMesstechnik GmbH Germany. We are a manufacturer of flow meters offering a variety of flow meters to suit any conceivable flow measurement application covering the entire spectrum of industries. We also offer a range of Level Measuring Equipment. Our range includes: Magnetic Inductive Flow meters (Electromagnetic flowmeters), Variable Area Flow meters (Rotameters), Vortex Flow meters, Coriolis Mass Flow meters, Ultrasonic Flow meters, Custody Transfer Metering Skids & Systems, Non-contact Radar Level Transmitters, Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters (TDR) Magnetic Level Gauges Ultrasonic level transmitters, Level Switches
    Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters:
    Our Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters have been a kind of industry standard for the last 50 years for any conductive liquid or slurry application. Suitable for use with liquids pastes pulps and slurries these flowmeters have applications as diverse as chemicals petrochemicals pulp & paper mining food & beverages pharmaceutical water waste water & sewage. These are available in various models and sizes ranging from 2.5mm to 3000mm.Vortex Flowmeters
    Our Vortex Flowmeters are globally accepted as the world standard in measurement of liquid steam and gas flow. These are available in standard 2-wire version or application specific versions in sizes from 10mm to 300mm. Application specific models include Saturated Steam Meter Condensate Flow Meter Gas Flow Meter Free Air Delivery (FAD) meter Net Heat Meter and Tonnage of Refrigeration meter etc. These models include built-in temperature and pressure sensor to provide on-line compensation for pressure temperature variations for compressible media.
    Variable Area Flowmeters
    Our Variable Area Flowmeters are effective yet accurate solution for flow measurement of liquids and gases. These meters offer turndown of 10:1 and are available with accuracy class 1.6 2.5 etc. Their rugged design features instant interchangeability of all essential components. These are available in glass and metal tube design.Metal Tube versions are available in sizes from 15mm upto 100mm. Special metal tube versions with PTFE lining or steam jacketing are also available. High pressures (upto 400bar) and high temperature (upto 400 degrees C) versions are available to take care of extreme application conditions. Several other options exist which include 4-20 mA re-transmission output contacts magnetic filters and built-in totalizers.
    Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
    Our Coriolis Mass Flowmeters are specially designed and manufactured to meet the demands of standard as well as difficult applications in industry. Simultaneous direct measurement of Mass Flow Density and Temperature with volume concentration Brix & Baume as derived parameters are available as standard features. These meters are available with single straight tube or dual straight tube design. Measuring tube is available in Titanium Hastelloy C Tantalum and stainless steel construction to take care of chemically aggressive liquids. Heating jacket for congealing liquids is available as an option on all these versions.
    Ultrasonic Flowmeters
    Our Ultrasonic Flowmeters operating on the Time-of-Flight or Transit Time principle uses sound waves to accurately measure flow of liquids. It is generally used for flow measurement of non-conducting liquids like hydrocarbons and difficult application like molten sulphur bitumen pitch and tar. They are especially suited to large bore pipelines and their accuracy is unaffected by changes in conductivity density or viscosity. For process applications full bore ultrasonic flow meters are available with sizes from 25mm to 3000mm.For custody transfer applications full bore ultrasonic flow meters with sizes from 100mm to 1000mm are available which provides an accuracy of +/- 0.15% with requisite Custody Transfer certification.
    Custody Transfer Metering Skids & Systems
    We provide a range of custody transfer metering solutions right from simple custody transfer Ultrasonic and Coriolis Flowmeters to specialised and customized metering skids and proving systems. Metering systems involve multiple components that must function reliably as an integrated skid or system. We offer turnkey metering skids and systems with all components including flowmeters pipework valves instruments flow computers panels supervisory control systems etc. Our system design includes the seamless integration of each component to provide best measuring accuracy repeatability and reliability. Our team of experts have decades of experience in the metering industry to offer customised solutions. We also provide engineered solutions for demanding applications such as high viscosities high temperatures cryogenic and large flow rates etc. We follow standard procedures and practices. Our metering systems are designed and built to meet international measurement standards such as API OIML AGA etc. We have hundreds of custody metering systems operating successfully worldwide on various offshore platforms FPSOs hydrocarbon pipelines refineries marketing terminals to name a few.
    Calibration Rig
    Our calibration facility is one of the largest NABL accredited calibration laboratory in Asia. It has the capability to calibrate flowmeters of upto 2000 mm and is one of seven KROHNE facilities worldwide ensuring unparalleled accuracy in flow measurement.
    Level Transmitters (Non-contact and guided wave radars)
    We have a wide range of level devices operating on the classical mechanical float and magnetically coupled system as well as the latest technologies of FMCW radar and TDR based guided radar. These products provide reliable and accurate level measurement for every conceivable level application. The Non-Contact radars based on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology are suitable for storage as well as process tanks with agitation foam fumes vapour or vacuum and have a measuring range upto 100 meters. The guided wave radar is based on the Time Domain Reflectometry principle and can measure level of liquids granules powders and solids. It can also measure interface between two immiscible liquids. These units have a measuring range of 60 meters and are also suitable for level measurement of materials with very low dielectric constant.
    Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters, Variable Area Flowmeters, Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, Custody Transfer Metering, SkidsSystems Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters, Magnetic Level Gauges, Non Contact Radar Level Transmitters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Vibration Level Switches, Vortex Flowmeters, Displacer Type Level Indicator Flow Switches, Massflowmeteroptimass1000 Radar Level Optiflex 1100C, Magnetic Inductive Flow meters (Electromagnetic flowmeters), Variable Area Flow meters (Rotameters), Vortex Flowmeters, Coriolis Mass Flowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Vibration Level Switches, Non-contact Radar Level Transmitters, Magnetic Level Gauges, Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters, Non-Contact radars, Level Transmitters, Calibration Rig, Custody Transfer Metering Skids & Systems, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave, Level Measuring Equipment, Metal Tube versions, Condensate Flow Meter, Gas Flow Meter, Net Heat Meter, Saturated Steam Meter, Level Switches, TDR based guided radar, FMCW radar, Time Domain Reflectometry principle, turnkey metering skids, customised metering skids, turnkey metering skids, Custody Transfer certification, Transit Time principle, ultrasonic flowmeter

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