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Process Analytics Division of Forbes Marshall manufactures and markets a wide range of water quality analytical systems for use in the process power refinery petrochemicals cement steel sugar and municipal water treatment plants. We cater to on line water

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  • Complete Water Analysis Solutions
    Process Analytics Division of Forbes Marshall manufactures and markets a wide range of water quality analytical systems for use in the process power refinery petrochemicals cement steel sugar and municipal water treatment plants. We cater to on line water quality requirements for ultra pure water pure water wastewater and process applications. If you are looking for any kind of water analysis perhaps we are the right people as we provide Complete Water Analysis Solutions.
    We introduced the on line pH and conductivity measurement in the Indian market few decades back due to which we are rated as one of the premier supplier to Water Treatment Companies in India. Since its foundation Forbes Marshall – Process Analytics is engaged in manufacturing supply erection and commissioning of pH & conductivity systems. Presently we are supplying around 2000 such systems to various market segments that are using these systems for online measurements. Some of the main industry segments we deal with include Power Pharmaceuticals Beverage Oil refineries Fertilizers Paper Sugar & Textiles. Our offering:We offer complete solution for online measurement of parameters like pH/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen. We offer complete system consisting of sensor sensor holder transmitter and controller. Sensor is the heart of the complete system. So a proper selection of sensor is important for the accurate working of parameter in a given application. A correct selection of sensor also makes it possible to use the sensor for its optimum life.
    Our Sensors have very strong presence in applications like Pharmaceutical Industry fermentation and biotechnology. We can also deal with applications like food and beverage chemical processes Water and Wastewater with these sensors. These sensors can be used in high protein samples like fermentation process and capable of handling multiple cycles of sterilisation. Variety of available sensor options include sensors with liquid filled or Gel filled electrolyte. We offer special sensors for applications in biotech world. We offer sensors which can be used in difficult applications like slurry or Effluent Treatment Plants. Unique features like single pore contact makes such sensors maintenance free. These sensors offer accurate measurement & fast response. Pure water is very clean type of pH measurement but equally difficult to monitor because of weak ion samples. Our special electrodes with multi-diaphragm junctions take care of accurate measurement in ultra pure water application. The Two electrode/Four electrode & Inductive (Non contact) conductivity sensors can be used for conductivity measurement in ultra pure water or raw water applications. These can also be used in measurement of very high conductivity levels which can be interpreted in terms of Water Concentration of different chemicals.
    There are different types of glass materials available for high alkali measurement low temperature applications and for harsh chemicals like caustic and samples with HF traces. We can offer mounting arrangement for tanks pipelines as well as open pits with various wetted material. Availability of special withdrawable (auto/manual) holders makes it possible to monitor pH at high temperature or with self-cleaning arrangements. We have introduced a novel method of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) measurement using Luminescence DO (LDO) measuring principle. This method provides a maintenance free DO measurement technique having much faster response compared with existing Amperometric measuring principle. With this new LDO principle there is no need of any electrolyte or membrane to use with DO sensor. Also there is no need of frequent calibration of DO sensor. The LDO measuring sensor is suitable for applications in Boiler water/ wastewater and even in Pharmaceutical application with compatibility of high temperature during sterilization. We are known for variety of transmitters for measuring parameters like pH/Conductivity/Dissolved Oxygen. In our range of Two wire/mains powered transmitters we offer the state of the art “Smartpro” Intrinsic safe transmitters with HART communication protocol. This field/panel mountable transmitter provides standard 4-20mA current output with LCD indication of process parameters. Water & Wastewater - Special Analyzers:We also offer analyzers for Pure and Wastewater Management which measure special parameters. For Pure water applications such as DM/RO water and Boiler water we offer on-line analyzers for parameters such as single/multichannel Silica Single/Multichannel Sodium Dissolved Oxygen Hydrazine Phosphate Chloride and TOC. For Industrial ETP or STP applications we offer on-line analyzers for parameters such as Turbidity Suspended Solids TOC Sulphide Oil in water Phenol Ammonia Nitrate and sludge level.
    BOD Analyzer: Measures Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in just 40 minutes (watch video) while old methods take 3 to 5 days !!BOD is a measure of the DO consumed by micro-organisms during the oxidation of bio-degradable substances in waste waters. A high BOD would therefore imply a higher depletion in the DO content. Water with high BOD if discharged into common streams and rivers will starve the rest of the aquatic life. Waste water is therefore treated to bring down the BOD value to levels below those prescribed by pollution regulatory bodies. The new BOD analyzer BioSens uses a revolutionary BOD measuring technique. This technique helps to determine the BOD value within 40 minutes in contrast to the 3 or 5 days required by the BOD3 and BOD5 methods.Industry Specifics:Power Industry: It is known that most power plant shutdowns are due to corrosion. Critical parameters such as pH/conductivity/silica/sodium/DO if not monitored properly can bring down the plant efficiency by 10% within a span of 2 years. Forbes Marshall can provide an optimum solution for the same.Pharmaceutical Industry: The Forbes Marshall sensors are steam sterilizable CIP and autoclavable with hygienic fittings accessories and retractable arrangements for cleaning. Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems: Forbes Marshall provides solutions for pH/TDS/ORP measurement. We also offer multi parameter measuring system ‘IQ Sensor Net’. Thus application specific tasks such as inlet or outlet measurement in wastewater treatment plant or simultaneous measurement in several aeration basins can be easily and economically accomplished using a single system. Drinking Water: Without on-line/continuous measurement of controlled parameters like chlorine/ozone turbidity pH one can’t be sure of stringent control over the above parameters. Forbes Marshall provides an optimum solution for the same.
    Why insist on Forbes Marshall: Such critical application oriented analytical products need not only a good expertise in understanding customer requirements but also in converting these requirements into techno-commercially acceptable proposals. Forbes Marshall Process Analytics has developed this expertise with set of expert engineers and equally competent after sales support set of people. Added to this FM also has a nationwide network catering to sales and after sales support that ensures supply of all kinds of spares.

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