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Posted By Blue Ocean Nova AG on 01/26/2018 in Instrumentation & Controls

Lighthouse probe


Lighthouse probe

Patented process interface with the radial orientation of multiple measurement windows, designed for powders and bulk material. The radial orientation if the measurement windows allow for inline cleaning and recalibration.

Moisture in powders and bulk materials

Water is one of the strongest absorbing compounds in the NIR spectral region and can, therefore, be measured at very low concentrations. NIR spectroscopy is an efficient alternative to traditional analytical methods such as Karl Fisher (KF) titration for quantifying moisture concentrations. Blue Ocean Nova's moisture sensors are measuring moisture via diffuse reflectance from the powder blend in real-time. The targeted concentration range determines the optical technology in the moisture sensor. In the pharmaceutical industry, the moisture content affects the flow, caking, compaction and strength properties and is usually above 1%. In the chemical industry concentrations of well below 1% are required to maintain the optimal chemical, physical and microbial product properties. Dependent on the target concentration, the sensor utilizes NIR techniques for concentrations down to 1% with +/- 0.3% accuracy, or MIR for concentrations below 1%.

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