S-I-O-0229 spur gear slewing drive rotation center diameter 229mm made in China - Industrial Procurement, Manufacturing Sourcing, Products & Services By Unique Transmission Equipment(Luoyang)Co., LTD
Posted By Unique Transmission Equipment(Luoyang)Co., LTD on 11/07/2021

S-I-O-0229 spur gear slewing drive rotation center diameter 229mm made in China


1. Company introduction 

Unique Transmission Equipment (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company that designs, develops and produces slew drives and Slewing rings. We have a wide range of standard series products to choose from, we also focus on customized slew drive and slewing rings solutions.

Since its establishment, Unique Transmission has won the trust and support of many customers with its high-quality products, excellent slewing scheme design capabilities and quick response services. Unique Transmission can provide not only slew drive products and design solutions, but also provide motors, hydraulic motors and other accessories, as well as various machining products.

2. Spur Gear Slew Drive Introduction 

Spur gear slewing drive is composed of slewing bearings, gears, housings, adapter flanges, support bearings, seals and other components. After reasonable design, component manufacturing, debugging, assembly and other processes, the products have the ability to withstand axial force, radial force, tilting moment torque and at the same time has a certain gear ratio, referred to as slewing drive.

Our spur gear slew drives has 3 series, 23 standard models in total to choose from, which can meet the needs of low load, medium load and heavy load. If our standard model products cannot meet your needs, you can also contact us and our engineers will design and customize a special spur gear slew drive for you.

We have created 3D models for all standard models of slew drive products. You only need to put this 3D model in your equipment model to verify the feasibility. If the standard slew drive model products are not available, our engineers with rich industry experience can design a new 3D model and work with you to design an ideal slewing transmission solution.

3. Dimension Details (You can also download our catalogue to check more code details)

4. Packing Way: Moisture barrier bag+pearl wool+non-fumigation wooden box

5. Application Area

Spur gear slew drives applications mainly include industrial robots, machine tool turrets, cranes, truck-mounted cranes, automated production lines, light machines, radar cars, positioners, flexible bending machines, grass grabs, solar panel snowplows, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery and other fields. You can also check our mounting videos to learn how to use it. 

6. Transportation: By sea/ air/ rail/ road/ TNT/DHL/UPS/Fedex, all acceptable. 

7. Contact information

Unique Transmission Equipment (Luoyang) Co.,Ltd

Address: No.22 Binhe Road, New & High Tech Industry Development Zone,

Luoyang Area Of China(Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, 471000

Mob: +86 18637905181

Tel: +86 0379 64915181

Wechat: +86 18637905181

E-mail: sales(a)u-transmission.com

Web: https://en.u-transmission.com

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No.22 Binhe Road, New & High Tech Industry Development Zone,Luoyang Area Of China(Henan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, 471000

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