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  • Connecticut Basement Systems Radon Inc. is a radon mitigation company. We have mitigated radon levels and improved water quality in various commercial buildings. We have also treated domestic well water supplies that could pass for swamp water and made them potable. We are a full service well water system provider. We handle all phases of well work from pump and pressure tank replacement to system upgrades & casing extensions. A well system consists of a pump pipe wire and pressure tank. The pump delivers water to the pressure tank; the tank in turn delivers pressurized water to points of use within the structure. A properly sized system should be able to deliver water to the structure under normal usage conditions at reasonable pressure (30-60 psi). There are two basic types of pressure tanks. Hydro-pneumatic where the air mixes with water within the tank and bladder/diaphragm where there is a physical separation between the air and water. Regardless of type there is a preset amount of air in the tank. As water enters the tank it compresses the air. The air acts like a spring and pushes the water out of the tank to points of use in the structure. When these tanks lose air or become waterlogged they make the well pump turn on and off more frequently. This is called short cycling. Short cycling sends many a well pump to an early grave. This can also happen when the tank is in perfect working order but is improperly sized for the application. Bladder tanks are the newer generation of technology and tend to be less problematic. This can become especially evident if there are any water quality issues; as air mixing with untreated water can sometimes cause problems. We can change almost any hydro-pneumatic to a diaphragm type or upgrade an undersized tank to maximize the system efficiency. Variable speed well systems essentially rely on a controller that senses water flow.

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