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  • NSquare Inc. specializes in structural and foundation repairing services. We offer various services including foundation anchors & tiebacks helical pile systems foundation push piers wall anchor systems crawl space jacks and seawall tiebacks & anchors. We also offer services for golf course bulkhead foundation repair. Helical piles are a factory-manufactured steel foundation system consisting of a central shaft with one or more helix-shaped bearing plates commonly referred to as blades or flights welded to the lead section. Extension shafts with or without additional helix blades are used to extend the pile to competent load-bearing soils and to achieve design depth and capacity. Brackets are used at the tops of the piles for attachment to structures either for new construction or retrofit applications. Helical piles are advanced (screwed) into the ground with the application of torque. The DSMS seawall tieback & anchoring system provides a unique approach to repairs and maintenance of a seawall; one that make repairs possible for otherwise irreparable wall systems. The DSMS system can be used for a variety of applications. The DSMS dynamic seawall maintenance system is ideal for both residential and commercial applications for both failing seawalls as well as being installed proactively for both new & existing seawalls. DSMS anchors can also be used on floating docks bulkheads golf courses and virtually any type of retaining wall whether or not water is involved.

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