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  • Redline PEX specializes in distributing PEX tubing PEX piping and PEX manifolds for radiant heating & plumbing applications. Oxygen barrier PEX tubing is used in radiant hydronic and snow-melt heating applications. The oxygen barrier as per DIN 4726 standard prevents atmospheric gases from entering into the tubing. Gases inside the tubing can corrode the cast iron components of a typical heating system such as circulator pumps radiators air scoops pipes/fittings and boiler heating elements. Tubing has an oxygen gas barrier and is suitable for all potable and radiant / hydronic plumbing & heating water applications. It is compatible with crimp/clamp press compression and push fit fittings. Our compression fitting assemblies are used for connection of tubing and manifolds. Fittings consist of a nut insert and compression ring made of brass. Insert features double O-ring and seat. Box-end wrench is used to tighten the nut. It is made of solid brass. Double O-rings and a brass compression ring ensure a leak-proof connection.

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