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Posted By GKM Siebtechnik GmbH on 04/20/2018 in Process Equipment

Screening, Sieving Equipment By GKM

The ultimate GKM Tumbler Screening Machine - Type KTS


Die Ultimative Taumelsiebmaschine KTS

The movement of a tumbler screening machine is usually compared with simple hand screening similar to the “gold washing pan”.

The product is continuously fed into the centre of the top screen, from where it spreads out evenly to the outside across the entire screening surface. The finer particles fall through the screen near the centre and the coarser ones successively towards the periphery. The material is moved in a spiral pattern with increasing acceleration of the particles the further they are from the centre, with the result that even those particles which are almost the same size as the screen mesh are screened. All the separated fractions are discharged through the lateral outlets. The screening process is repeated again and again on each deck.

The heart of the tumbler screening machine is the patented 3D adjustment system for setting the individual retention time of any product to be screened. The main shaft is driven by V-belts and an electric motor. Using a special axially spring-mounted graphic recorder, this 3D movement of the machine can be drawn on paper two dimensionally in the form of an ellipse and then measured exactly. The measured data can be transmitted at any time for further checking. In this way, optimum settings will always be available and reproducible in the future, too.

In particular with fine products, the screen mesh openings tend to clog up and it is imperative that this be avoided if continuous operation is to be guaranteed. Various very effective screen cleaners are available for this purpose. The modular design enables different setup variations. The product can be re-screened 2 to 3 times to increase yield and screening efficiency. Other possibilities are integrated control screens or reversed screening with which the finest dust is separated first followed subsequently by coarser separations. 


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